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August 15, 2006


Anja v.d. Hulst

The solution for taking books on a bike tour, e-books on a Palm top!! For the first time ever I tooks 40 books with me on our last trip and they weighted less then 200 gram total. Ok, some cables and charging devices needed as well, but I could even choose which books I felt like reading at that moment....

Reading from a Palm is really ok, certainly at night where one doesn't have to juggle with flashlights as the thing has a reasonable backlight. The only thing is that the selection of e-books isn't as large as one might hope- and Amazon US refuses to have europeen customers buy e-books but refers to the european stores where there are virtually no e-books at all. Room for improvement still

Carla V.

Thanks for the tip! In google I found www.ebook.nl, do you know this site?

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