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April 28, 2005


Rick Verhoef

Nice to read how you experienced the Kenniscirkel event, Carla. I agree it was very interesting... My head is still full of thoughts about using social software within organisations.

The Wiki environment can be found here - http://www.provenpartners.nl/workspace/


Indeed, nice to read your story! And of course very nice to meet you too!

Just one little correction: "in TPG Post, personal productivity and collaboration decrease" must be "in Dutch companies, personal productivity and collaboration decrease" (my source: Twynstra Gudde).

I agree to your opinion that webfeeds (RSS) is far more bigger then social software. See also my column (in Dutch) on Emerce earlier this year (http://www.frankwatching.com/entry_47.php).

See you on Frankwatching.com or here at your place!

Carla V.

Thanks both for your additions!

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