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January 17, 2005



Appreciate the ! at the end. What did ELLE say about blogging? Are you cancelling your ELLE subscription now, quit blogging now that ELLE has covered it? Just kidding. Now that all serious newspapers and magazines had a look at blogging we are all awaiting an article in the Dutch equivalent of the Financial Times/Wall Street Journal. And let us hope they do it right! (That is a hint Carla!).

Carla Verwijs

Anjo, I was so surprised, didn't think it would be a topic for ELLE. They have a different view then we have, so I'll certainly write about it (I don't have the magazine here)


Good. Are you also tracing the other part of the comment? Would love to see a piece on the relation between blogging and companies in FD. Know you are busy, extremely busy ...

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