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January 20, 2005


Martin Roell

That's an interesting subject you chose, Carla! Are you familiar with Ton Zijlstra's weblog posting on this? I found it really interesting. Jonathon Delacour has also done some thinking about information overload (blogged here).

I'll follow what you do closely, as it is very close to some work about knowledge worker productivity that I currently do.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your suggestions. Ton contacted me (via Lilia) and we'll invite him as an 'expert' in one of our meetings. I'll keep you informed (via this weblog).


Funnily enough the "Knowledge Flows" paper already identified Ton as an "expert" on the matter of information overload. Does Martin read our papers ... :-).

Martin Roell

I guess I suffered from information overload. ;-)

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