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November 15, 2004



Well, most, if not all, of the people in the room were stakeholders of Proven Partners. So the voting yielded info on how PP's stakeholders look at things. This was part of the step to quantify the results we got from talking to our stakeholders, which we already did in the previous weeks. The issues voted on were the issues mentioned in those earlier conversations with our stakeholders.



Roy Herweijer

To complete the remarks of Carla.
Step 4:
visualises the input of step 3, the quantitive research. This to make the input of the stakeholders able to communicate in a way that is easily accessable. And relativly easily to set priorities for the management to improve.

Step 5:
Is the translation of the priorities of step 4 in workable plan where everybody knows what to do and when. (A PMW working method).

Step 6:
Is the implementation of the plan of step 5.

It is ment to be a method to incorporate in the organisations processes. It should not be a one time action.

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