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April 20, 2004


Martin Roell

Seems like a very arrogant description to me: Even if academics never got out of their offices, their world is very "real" to them! Taking a position of judging what is "real" and what not, thus objectifying things that cannot be objectified, shows a pretty narrow philosophical base of the authors. Anyway, the Beatles got it best: "Let me take you down/ cause I'm going to/ strawberry fields/ Nothing is real/ and nothing to get hung about/" ;-)

Also check out Wikipedia - Real Life (this came to my mind because I was editing the German Version of that page two weeks ago): "Real life is a phrase used to signify time spent on activities the speaker believes are more important than the addressed has indulged in." So using "Real life" does not really say anything about "Reality" but rather about how the speaker perceives it and judges the activity of others.

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