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April 08, 2004



Hi Carla,

this is something that I've been struggling with too. The thing is that blogging needs time to get into your 'system'. In the beginning I wasn't blogging that much either, but since a couple of weeks more often I think: I need to blog this! So take your time to get used to blogging. It's not as easy as some people might say. And it's not necessary to post as much as Lilia does ;). As for reading other blogs, the only tip I can give you is to be selective. You don't have to read everything that someone writes.

Just keep thinking about blogging, the blogging will follow :)

Ton Zijlstra

Hi Carla,

As to how to find time to read, and write; here's my take on it.
I do not read everything that pops up in my feedreader. I skim headlines, just as I would do the papers, and then skim the articles that attract my eye. Of those articles I skim I mark the ones that look interesting. Either because they connect to something I'm working on/thinking about, or because I see a connection to other threads of conversation elsewhere, that might shed new light. Usually I do that when I get up, and before breakfast, and it takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Then during the day I let the stuff I read simmer in my head. In the evening is usually when I sit down and do something with what I read in the morning. Either commenting in blogs, sending e-mails to the authors to follow up, blog about it myself, or decide I'm not going to do anything with it.

However my blogging is usually done in the weekend, when I have time to write the longer pieces I tend to write. I'm not one for short texts, and I certainly cannot spend the time to do that every day, even if I had the originality and ideas to write about. During the week I only post shorter entries, or longer ones I wrote in the weekend.

In my recent blog entry (only if you have time to read it ;)) about information overload I tried to describe the above as how to adapt to information 'overload'. See http://blog.zylstra.org/archives/001229.html

I'm curious to see though how my blogging will evolve after May 1st, when I change jobs. First, more of what I blog about will be part of my job, but second less time will be available to blog.

Carla Verwijs

Thank you, Ton en Elmine! These are the kind of tips I need and you're right, maybe Lilia is an example on the other end of the line (she is the most enthousiastic person about weblogs I know).

I'll read your info overload posting, Ton!


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