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March 25, 2004


John Grillo

Contrary to title of this posting of yours, my admittance of my frustrations with blogging has actually been one of the best experiences of my semester. It was just a strange coincidence that the day I reached this point was also the day I found out about Nardi's "I'm Bloggin This" essay. When I think about the vast web-scape, I see countless surfers everywhere, except on my own site. I realize that what I wrote, is a bit dramatic, but it represents the extreme of my personal position. I was trying to crack the question of "why do I blog?" and I was trying to be as accurate as possible. I decided that my ultimate reason for blogging was to create a community, but that was warped by a year of community-less blogging. Clearly I needed some reevaluation. Thanks to a lot of the other bloggers out there, yourself included, I'm getting that moment of reflection. :)

My ideas a still a bit jumbled though.

Phil Wolff

Don't Blog: weblog of the coming weblog backlash.

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